The Broadcast

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New York Cellular Signal (360,380)
3 585 650

This mission can be received initially by listening to the call from David Screed all players receive upon logging in during Samhain, provided requirements are met. The Broadcast can also be picked up at the entrance to the laundromat in New York (360,380) and can be found at that location at any time during Samhain.

You must be Level 50 and have finished the Story Mission Black Sun, Red Sand in order to receive this mission. To complete The Broadcast, however, the Besieged Farmlands must also be unlocked and accessible.

While The Broadcast lists Level 10 as the Recommended Level, Level 50 is required at this time.

David Screed

It's in the airwaves! Need to talk. NOW.

You received a phone call from conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, Dave Screed. He's in a fluster over the Numbers Station phenomenon and strange things haunting shortwave radios. Strange voices and numbers, numbers, numbers...

David Screed

"Hello? Hey, it's Dave Screed. You know, Weird non-Fiction magazine."

"I got your number from...well, never mind that. I don't have much time. They'll triangulate me."

"You ever hear of numbers stations? You know, rogue radio broadcasts, around the world, just repeat numbers and codes."

"They started broadcasting after World war II."

"Some people think it's code for spies. Some think it's the governments communicating to our reptilian overlords."

"Okay, I think I found the truth. I-"

"What was that? Shit. Shi-shi-shi-shit. OK. OK. OK."

"This mystery person kept in touch with me through my newsletter. Anonymous. Just called themselves 'The Presenter'."

"Knew their stuff about numbers stations, you know? Creepy stuff."

"So I got a shortwave. I dialed in on the wavelengths the Presenter told me about. Nights of static and Red Bull."

"Then I heard it. I heard...I heard... It was all... Christ."

"The static! Threw my radio away. Just threw my notes and all of the Presenter's notes away. Turned every fucking dryer on."

"B-b-bu-but maybe okay, maybe I was hasty. Kind of failed my sanity roll there. You know?"

"Okay but you got steadier nerves. Maybe you could check it out you know?"

"My radio. The notes. That's a start. Just don't-"

Tier 1

Whatever Dave Screed heard, it made him freak out and throw away his shortwave radio and all of his notes and letters. That's a good place to start.

Objective: Find Dave Screed's shortwave radio

Head to the dumpsters, where Screed had thrown everything away (295,275). There, a series of garbage bins set against the wall by the entrance to the Labyrinthine sewers. Search the bins to find the note, which sits within the middle right dumpster.

Objective: Read the letters

Read the abandoned letters left laying in the trash. Dumpster dive for that information if need be.

Tier 2

The Presenter was working on a project to contact the dead through radio waves. His letter hinted that special radio receivers have been planted, throughout the world, at places associated with death.

Objective: Seek a shortwave radio in places related to death

The Golden Age of Radio
The achievement The Golden Age of Radio can be completed by exorcising all nine radios during The Broadcast. Only 3 radios can be exorcised during Tier 2 and thus 3 radios per mission. It will be necessarily to run The Broadcast at least 3 times, seeking a new radio each time. Completing The Golden Age of Radio rewards the Paranormal Shortwave, an item which allows you to listen to the radio dramas in-game that are featured in this mission.

Look for a shortwave radio in places related to death throughout Adventure Zone playfields. This excludes New Dawn.

Shortwave Radio Locations

Shortwave Radio Locations

  • Kingsmouth Town - In front of a cross-shaped headstone in the Kingsmouth Congregational Church graveyard (240,485).
  • The Savage Coast - In the corner of a room on the first floor of the Black House (445,765).
  • The Blue Mountain - In an open grave in the Wabanaki graveyard (210,740).
  • The Scorched Desert - In the wreckage of the Crashed Plane (645,1045).
  • City of the Sun God - At the doorway to the Black Pyramid (750,450).
  • The Besieged Farmlands - In front of a broken fountain in the St. Haralambie Church cemetery (850,1270).
  • The Shadowy Forest - In front of a tomb in the Chapel of the Prince graveyard (845,605).
  • Carpathian Fangs - In front of a broken column in the Roman Baths (640,355).
  • Kaidan - On the corner of a grave beneath a cherry blossom tree (835,615).

It doesn't matter which radio is visited, so long as it is one of the shortwave radios in one of the appropriate areas.

Once near a radio, a sound will become audible, a radio drama playing from years long past. Upon approaching the radio itself, the environment will become grainy and dull brown, as if in a sepia effect. Kingsmouth Town's radio (240,485) is used as an example, but the first radio can be any of the eight radios you so desire.

Examine the shortwave radio receiver. Doing will will cause Broadcast-beguiled spirits to appear from its speakers and attack. The form these spirits take as well as the amount spawned depends on the zone. Anywhere from one to three Broadcast-beguiled souls can appear when examining a radio.

Objective: Check the frequency of the broadcast

Examine the radio once the souls have been dealt with. Doing so will cause a popup of the radio as well as apply a buff of that associated zone's radio, which will itself list the frequency of the broadcast for easy access. Again, Kingsmouth Town's radio is shown as an example. The buff prevents you from being able to check the frequency of that same radio until you have completed the mission.

Objective: Seek a second radio in places related to death

Look for another shortwave radio receiver. It cannot be the same as the first radio checked. If you have the buff for a radio already, you cannot use it for the rest of your playthrough of the Broadcast. For this, the Savage Coast radio will be used as an example (445,765).

Objective: Check the frequency of the broadcast

Examine the radio for your second frequency.

Objective: Seek a third radio in places related to death

Look for yet another radio. It cannot be the same as the first or second radios. The Blue Mountain radio (210,740) is being used as an example, but as with the others, any radio aside from those picked up prior in the mission will do.

Objective: Check the frequency of the broadcast

Get that third frequency.

Tier 3

Dave Screed made another frantic call to you. Perhaps you can utilise the data he gathered, regarding numbers stations, on his computer to figure out the location of the Presenter's broadcast.

Objective: Examine the message from Dave Screed

KNOWN BUG WARNING: Some players may not receive the message from Dave Screed. GM assistance WILL be required in order to proceed past this objective and advance through the mission if the message is not available to examine.

David Screed has sent another message.

David Screed

Need info? I've got a hefty database.

Click on the text to receive a call.

David Screed

"Hey, hey yeah hi Screed again. Look if you need any information about numbers stations, check out my database at the laundromat, okay? It's all there."


Listen until Screed is through.

Objective: Go to the laundromat

Return to the laundromat, David Screed's base of operations (365,380).

Objective: Use Screed's computer to find broadcast location

Hack into his computer in the back of the laundromat. He won't mind - he invited you to do so!

After reading the rambling message left by Screed on his laptop, choose the only option available to you: 1) -- Research Folders --. This will bring up a list of possible research folders to investigate and browse.

Remember what you're searching for. Access 6) -- Numbers Station --.

After accessing the appropriate folder, you will be prompted to enter a frequency or station for further information.

You already have three frequencies you can check.

One thing is consistent with every frequency checked.

Select 1) -- Research Folders -- followed by 6) -- Numbers Station -- and then input 'The Lonely Patriot', the only station that happens to be using all of the found frequencies.

Tier 4

According to your intel, the location of the Presenter's broadcast is in Transylvania, perhaps in an old Red Hand facility.

Objective: Travel to the Besieged Farmlands

Head to the Besieged Farmlands. This can be done either by accessing the Portal to the Besieged Farmlands (555,340) in Agartha itself, or by Teleporting using the Teleport Window (Shift+T).

Objective: Find the broadcast location

Go to the Observatory and climb the ramps until coming to a bunker entrance (300,1005). This is where the broadcast has been coming from.

Tier 5

The air churns thick with static and spirits. You must be close. Find the source of the Presenter's broadcast and stop it.

Objective: Find the source of the Broadcast

When attempting to travel to The Lonely Patriot, a difficulty selection will appear in lieu of the typical zoning prompt. Select the Elite difficulty desired, and the mobs within shall be scaled accordingly. Doing so will take you inside The Lonely Patriot.

The highest level Elite accessible for this mission is based on the highest Item Power achieved by your character.

A Show At Bedtime
The achievement A Show At Bedtime can only be completed on the highest difficulty available to you while by yourself. You cannot get this achievement while in The Lonely Patriot alongside a friend.

Upon first entering and taking your first steps in The Lonely Patriot, a wraith will fly above and momentarily stun you as eyes in the darkness look on.

Once the wraith has passed, strange figure stands in the distance. Approaching it will cause it to run away and close the door behind itself.

Follow the only open passageway into a room filled with burning barrels. Ghosts once more fly above. Press on, but be wary, as the barrels will eventually explode and can knock you back should you be too close to one when they erupt.

At the end of the hall is a lever and a locked door. Once near the lever, a spectre screams out of it and then vanishes. Only after the ghost is gone can the lever be interacted with to open the door.

Proceed through. Something lurks as the lights flicker out.

On the other side is another hallway, this time filled with barrels oozing with a toxic green sludge and roiling with gas. Yet again, spirits fly across the path while making your way through.

Samhain 2018 #10 can be found behind boxes in the tunnel containing poison-filled drums.

Continuing through, more spirits go by.

Toward the end of the tunnel is another pair of ghosts.

At the end, after all spirits have passed, there is darkness. Darkness and a lone figure in the distance waiting for you. Approach it.

Objective: Defeat the Presenter

Approaching the Presenter in the hallway causes him to teleport off into one of four rooms and activate a radio receiver, causing mobs to begin to spawn. The battle has begun, and the only way to end it is to defeat the Presenter.

Echoed for Eternity
The achievement Echoed for Eternity can only be completed on difficulties Elite 5 and over for defeating the Presenter with 4 counters of the buff "Echoed in the Ether". "Echoed in the Ether" reduces the damage the Presenter takes by 20% per stack.

In order to get this achievement successfully, no radios can be destroyed, as the Presenter will lose a single count of "Echoed in the Ether" when a radio has been destroyed. Counts are gained when the Presenter teleports to another room and activates a radio.

The Presenter will cast Shortwave Respite until damaged but will not attack until his respite is broken. Shortwave Respite heals the Presenter over time.

Kill the Radio Star
The achievement Kill the Radio Star requires that the Presenter be defeated without having any radio receivers destroyed during the fight.

Upon reaching 75%, 50%, and 25% health, the Presenter will teleport off to another room and activate another radio receiver as he does so while resuming his Shortwave Respite.

With every radio receiver activated, more enemies will spawn. Only by destroying a radio will its spirits cease; however, to destroy a radio will disqualify you from earning Kill the Radio Star in any difficulty and Echoed for Eternity in Elite 5 and above.

Objective: Access the Presenter's computer

Approach the Presenter's computer, which can be found in the room labeled with a sign labeled as 3 (185,315). Interacting with the computer is all that is necessary to continue on, though there is interesting information should you delve into the writings contained within.

Near the Presenter's Computer is a Reward Chest, which can potentially contain Glyph Distillates, Talisman or Weapon Distillates, a Glyph Reward Bag, and Anima Shards with levels depending on the Elite difficulty chosen. Reap your rewards.

Objective: Examine the message from Dave Screed

David Screed

It's global. Scope places related to death

After accessing the Presenter's computer, Screed sends another message. Take the call and wait out the entire length of Screed's rant.

David Screed

"Hello. Screed again. You're still here, so I guess you survived poking the hornets' nest."

"I tell ya, I'll never be able to sit comfortably around a radio again."

"It'll be TVs next. I already have reoccurring nightmares of Rod Serling shiving me in the shower while smiling and monologuing-"

"Yeah just smiling and monologuing-smiling and mono-"

"Okay uh, anyway... Radio waves are a kind of purgatory. Think about it."

"What's a ghost? What's a ghost, but an echo of a living person?"

"Radio waves are full of talking ghosts, flying off into the void, mumbling and repeating their follies in a loop. Forever."

"Hitler's still making his speeches in the void. The Shadow investigates evil in other solar systems."

"NASA keeps planning out how to send explorers into deep space. Right? Right!"

"But we already have. We keep pumping out ghost astronauts into the cosmos."

"Hitler and the Shadow will find the next inhabitable planet long before any of the living do."

"Our ambassadors. They'll just keep going and going. Inverse square law means they'll get quieter and quieter, but you got to figure there's something out there, w-w-wa-way out there, with big, goddamn ears."

"Makes me think-Did you hear that? Listen, I-"

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