Dossier Source: Awarded as the Day 11 Envoys of Avalon Daily Login Reward during the Envoys of Avalon Event for the Equinox. The 2020 vernal equinox is the first to award Agent Dossier: Diviciacus.
Special Dossier Source: Awarded upon second acquisition of the Agent Dossier: Diviciacus from Envoys of Avalon Daily Login Rewards during the Envoys of Avalon event. This Special Dossier is only granted if Diviciacus is already within your Agent Network.
This Agent's Dossier cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

“Diviciacus is a liason to the Council of Venice that is revered as an Arch-Druid amongst the people of Avalon. Subject is fluent in an unknown number of European languages and dialects, many of which date back over 2,000 years into antiquity. As a frequent visitor and contributor to the Council's library in Venice, Diviciacus is the preeminent scholar on ancient Gaul and the Roman conquests. Despite appearing to be in his late 30's [sic] it is suspected he is much older based on his seemingly preternatural knowledge of ancient linguistics and history.

Affairs dealing with Gaulish or Roman artifacts and history may pique Diviciacus [sic] interests.”

Agent Details

Gender Male
Profession Arch-Druid
Species Human
Age Unknown


△ Prowess

20 (Level 1) 250 (Level 50)
◻ Adaptability 20 (Level 1) 300 (Level 50)
❍ Ingenuity 23 (Level 1) 300 (Level 50)



Gaul Historian

Diviciacus's extensive knowledge of history and linguistics provides him with a large bonus to ingenuity.



Diviciacus has extensive experience as a community leader, religious leader, and foreign diplomat giving him a large bonus to adaptability.

Agent Support Ability

Ritual of Oak

Level 25 Passive Ability

(0.15*CP) Damage to enemies when you are hit

Level 50 Passive Ability
+2000 Protection

Mission Report Dialogue

Complete Results

“I must record our failures so past mistakes are not repeated.”

Successful Results

“Our victories shall be chronicled for generations to come.”

Outstanding Results

“Our victories shall be chronicled for generations to come.”

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