Giovanni Bellanova

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Giovanni Bellanova

Dossier Rarity: Rare
Dossier Source:
Action and Sabotage Missions in Solomon Island, Kaidan, and South Africa; Story Missions in Kaidan; Additionally available in Agent Boosters.
When acquired through missions, this Agent's Dossier can be sold for 1000 Anima Shards or traded or sold on the Auction House. When acquired through Agent Boosters, this Agent's Dossier can be sold to the Shadow Trafficker for 4 HexCoins but cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

"Subject is illusive, possessing the secrets of Rosicrucian Hermeticism (combination of alchemy, astrology, theurgy, and homunculi creation).

Records of subject date back to over a century. Conclusion: subject is either a persona passed down over generations or a person of unnatural lifespan (Philosopher's Stone?). Some hypothesize that he or she creates a new body through an alchemical ritual, transferring the soul.

Subject yearns for more information regarding the Secret World. Use this."

Agent Details

Gender Possibly Male
Profession Occultist
Species Possibly Human
Age Unknown


△ Prowess

20 (Level 1)
◻ Adaptability 12 (Level 1)
❍ Ingenuity 22 (Level 1)



Homunculi Minions

Giovanni sends minions to do all of the dangeous work, reducing the likelihood of being incapacitated on missions which make use of Power traits.


Forbidden Knowledge

Giovanni has discovered things that are best left secret, providing an increase to Ingenuity.

Agent Support Ability

Hematic Analysis

Level 25 Passive Ability

+3.5% Blood Magic Damage

Level 50 Passive Ability

+980 Health

Mission Report Dialogue

Complete Results

"Leave – before I decide you have a luxuriant skin."

Successful Results

"The deed is done - now leave me be."

Outstanding Results

"The deed is done - now leave me be."
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