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Winter Holidays

Posted by Vikestart on December 18, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on January 6, 2016
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Concluded Multiple Zones January 6th, 2016
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General Info

The official news post about the events can be found on the official TSW website.

Join the #event chat channel!

It is recommended to join the #event chat channel by using this command: /chat join event

Watch out for callouts in that channel. If someone announces that a golem is up, you must add them to your friends list, right click their name and select Meet up…

If it’s the first time you have joined that chat channel, you will also have to subscribe to the channel. Right click the chat window tab and subscribe to #event.

Warning! Sometimes spoilers appear in that chat channel. If you don’t want to risk being spoiled, you should avoid the channel until you have done the solo missions first, just in case.


2015 – Bag

There is no new mission or content this year apart from the new bag in the Item Store, which come in two variants; a personal bag and a party bag.

The personal bag can also be obtained from playing through The Christmas Conspiracy, the mission from last year, as well as from defeating Hel in the Niflheim instance.

2014 – The Christmas Conspiracy


Gather the clues and travel on to Venice to discover a hidden Masonic tomb which holds the remains of Saint Nicholas himself. Solve intricate puzzles using the music from Mozart’s Magic Flute and uncover a dark scheme which must be stopped!

A walkthrough for The Christmas Conspiracy mission can be found here.

Lore Locations

The Manna of Saint Nicholas lore from this year is listed here.


The Manna of Saint Nicholas achievement collection consists of 4 achievements.



Wassailer outfit
* Pieces: Hat, Neck, Coat, Chest, Hand, Feet
* Source: Item Store bags


Wassailer outfit, red (templar)
* Pieces: Hat, Neck, Coat, Chest, Hand, Feet
* Source: Item Store bags


Santa’s Little Helper, green
* Uniform
* Source: Item Store (1200 FC)



Revenant Polar Bear
* Source: Item Store bags


Snowy Quetzel
* Sources: Item Store bags


Winter Wisp
* Source: Item Store bags


Red Cardinal
* Sources: Item Store bags


The Yuletide Wolf
* Sources: Item Store bags



Go to Ockham’s Razor (the barbershop) in London to change makeup.

December Glamour
* Sources: Item Store bags


Longest Night
* Sources: Item Store bags


December Yule’s Crown
* Sources: Item Store bags


Winter spirit
* Sources: Item Store bags


* Sources: Item Store bags


Snow touched
* Sources: Item Store bags


Mistletoe kiss
* Sources: Item Store bags


Masque of Jack Frost
* Sources: Item Store bags


2013 – Krampusnacht

Work in progress…


In all playfields ranging from Kingsmouth to The Carpathian Fangs, you can find entities called “Krampus” in several locations. It’s quite hard to not spot one of these guys when running around in one of those zones actually.


When you fight them and get their hitpoints down to about 50%, they will run over to a specific location and create a portal. If you want to enter the portal, you must kill it before it goes through the portal itself and closes it.


If you travel through the portal, you will end up in Niflheim. There are lots of Krampus enemies there, and if you kill all of the regular ones, a boss version will spawn at the centre of the arena up ahead.


The Krampus boss is balanced around a full group. You can solo it if your gear and build is awesome, but a team of at least a few players is recommended.


The Krampus boss will drop a dungeon mission upon death, that you can pick up, continuing the Krampusnacht event.



Hel is another boss that you can go up against. She must be summoned in Niflheim. This is done with specific summoning items that you need. There are 9 pieces in total. A Krampus in each zone will drop different parts and the Krampus boss with drop the last part.

More information about Feeding Hunger with Famine and how to summon Hel can be found here.


Lore Locations

Krampusnacht lore from 2013 is listed here.


The Krampusnacht achievement collection consists of 7 achievements.



Santa’s Little Helper, black
* Uniform
* Source: Item Store (1200 FC)



Figuros Padurii
* Sources: Item Store


2012 – The End of Days


Originally there was a mission chain consisting of 3 missions, however, the last two missions were removed from the game.

A walkthrough for The End of Something can be found here.


After you have done The End of Something, you can do the Road to Xibalba dungeon.

A walkthrough for The Road to Xibalba can be found here.

Vestige World Bosses

There are 3 world bosses in total. One in the Savage Coast, one in the Scorched Desert and one in the Shadowy Forest.

A guide for the Vestige of New England can be found here.
A guide for the Vestige of Egypt can be found here.
A guide for the Vestige of Transylvania can be found here.

Lore Locations

End of Days lore from 2012 is listed here!


The Ever-Ending days achievement collection consists of 8 achievements.


The quetzal bird for the Resplendent Blues achievement can be found in the southwestern part of the Blue Mountain zone. Refer to the image below for the specific area.



Mayan bonekeeper headdress
* Slot: Hat
* Source: Achievement (The Big Picture)


Santa’s Little Helper, red
* Uniform
* Source: Item Store (1200 FC)



Enruned Quetzal Bird
* Sources: Harbinger loot


Enruned Mayan Hatchling
* Sources: Harbinger loot


Harbinger of Rancid Vapours
* Sources: Harbinger loot


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  • CultOfXtc

    WiP – lazy… lol

    • Vikestart

      I’ve been working on documenting the new mission and it’s quite long, that’s why xD

      • CultOfXtc

        Of course… you’re awesome. :D /sorry was sarcasm

  • parador

    As usual Vikestart, awesome guide and ridiculously quick on getting it up. Also thanks for the Winter Holiday script. Very useful!

    If you get time, you might wish to add Snowy Quetzal and Revenant Polar Bear to pets that drop from gift bags.

    There is also an Enruned Quetzal Bird that drops of the Shadowy Forest Vestige of Nameless Days.

    If you should need screencaps of the aforementioned pets, feel free to give me a holler in-game and I can summon for you to screenshot.

    • Vikestart

      Thanks! :) Both me and Nordavind have worked hard to get this out quick, considering we had to make everything from scratch.

      I’ll go ingame now and fetch images of the pets you mentioned :)

  • parador

    One more small correction: All 3 Wassailer outfits have a neck component.

    -yer annoying editor pal

    • parador

      And if ya get really bored, there are a list of eight or so items that can only be acquired from killing SuperHel repeatedly (culminates in the Horns of Krampus, and then Horns of Hel).

  • Littleskull

    You all do a great job with the guides and the walkthroughs… any chance we can get a walkthrough on the Hel Niflheim Dungeon?