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Winter Holidays

Posted by Vikestart on December 18, 2014
Co-authored by Vomher
Last updated by Vomher on December 29, 2016
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Active Multiple Zones January 3rd, 2017

This guide is currently undergoing major revisions and updates! – Vomher

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General Information

The Winter Holidays are a time of cheer for all to fear! Each year brings new content to the holiday alongside returning events.

With a multitude of World Bosses unique to the Winter Holidays and two delightful dungeons, there’s always something to do.

This year for Winter Holidays 2016, a new wing of the Museum of the Occult has been opened, new clothing has been added, and there’s a whole new style of mini-game to enjoy!

Join #event chat!

To get the most out of this event, it is highly recommended that you join the #event channel. This can be done by typing one of the following commands depending on client language:

/chat join event
/discussion rejoindre event
/chat beitreten event

Watch out for callouts in that channel! If someone announces that Super Hel or a Vestige of Nameless Days is up, you can teleport to the Anima Well nearest to them by right-clicking their name and selecting Meet up.

Should you wish to make a callout of your own, announce in #event chat your dimension and server for which the boss is located. That way, a player can ensure they have reached the right location, especially if Hel has yet to be summoned when the callout is made.

To find your Dimension, press F9. For Dimension and Server, Shift+F9 will give the full information. It is advised that server be included if using Dimension in your callout.

If it’s the first time you have joined the #event chat channel, you may also want to subscribe to the channel. Right click the chat window tab and subscribe to #event.

Due to the high activity of the channel during events, it is suggested that you create a custom tab for #event, so that it can easily be found in one place without clogging up your General tab. To do this, click the + sign in the top right corner of your chat window. A list of channels will appear. Clicking on #event will create a tab that you can separate from the main chat window or reorganize as necessary.

Should you use #event in its own solitary tab to save your General tab, it is in that case fine to unsubscribe to the #event channel in the General window. The #event channel will subsequently only appear in the desired tab.

Krampusnacht Returns – Winter Holidays 2016

Information on this portion of the event will be added and updated within the next few days!

For this season, Agartha itself is sprinkled with snow and decorated trees on its trunk.

The Winter Holidays of 2016 is primarily a revisit to older content such as Krampusnacht, adding new achievements, museum pieces, and clothing to earn.

There is a new event bag to be purchased from the Item Store or through the Yuletide Merchant near Lucky Coin vendors, and within that bag lies the key to a new mini-game introduced for the holiday: snowball fights.

Snowball Fights

Snowball fights are nonlethal player versus player matches involving snowballs and can be initiated through the use of the consumable item: Snow Pile, which can be found in Festive Grab Bags and St. Nick’s Rucksacks.

When a Pile of Snowballs is used, it will place the pile in front of your character and announce to the zone that a snowball fight is to occur and that a player has set it down.

Right click on a placed Pile of Snowballs before the match begins to sign up for it. There is a short window to do so after a pile has been placed once at least one player has clicked on the pile. A maximum of ten players can be in a match.

A participating player games a buff and a visual snowflake over their head once the game begins. It will also apply the buff Snowball Fight!, which reduces the cooldown of Active Dodge.

Each match lasts for 3 minutes, and each player has a personal score for that time. Throwing snowballs at players that are not participating in a match will net no points.

Each Pile of Snowballs can only host one match at a time.

During a match, a participant receives a unique set of abilities for use. Weapons and unequipped for the match.

Snowball Fight

Snowball – Quickly throw a pre-packed snowball. Applies Piercing Cold, which can prevent using snow abilities if hit enough times in a row. Snowballs can be dodged using Active Dodge. A direct hit is worth 1 score. 0.3 second cast time and 1.3 second cooldown.

Dense Snowball – Carefully pack and throw a densely packed snowball at your target. Knocks down the target. Snowballs can be dodged using Active Dodge. A direct hit is worth 5 score. 4.5 second cast time and 2.5 second cooldown.

Snow Fort Rampart – Build an awesome snow fort wall rampart. Snow forts provide some protection from snowballs. 2 second cast time and 45 second cooldown.

Once a player has reached a score of 75 in a match, they receive the buff Snowblind Fury!, which increases the player’s size and makes their snowballs more awesome for the remainder of the fight. They are very large snowballs.

Earning 75 points or more during a match rewards an achievement and the Emote: Snowball, which is a persistent item that allows you to throw a snowball to other players or enemies if used while targeting them. It does not work on non-player characters, mission givers, or monologuing villains.

Museum of the Occult – Curios and Oddities

The Thirteenth and final wing to the Museum of the Occult is available to unlock. The wing, Curios and Oddities, is to be filled with seasonal exhibits, the first two of which are available as of the 2016 Winter Holidays.

Krampus and Hel both get their own exhibits, which can be upgraded all the way to Paragon and require Krampusnacht lore, associated achievements, and an item each.

To upgrade the pedestals to Paragon, one item is needed per exhibit.

Horn of Niflheim – Drops from Hel within Niflheim on any difficulty.

Mischievous Tuft – Drops from the Krampus boss of Niflheim on any difficulty.

Paragon Hel and Krampus will unlock the Crown of Hel, black clothing piece and Krampus-kin, which can be then purchased from the Global vendor within the museum. Pictures of these items are coming soon!

Not only is a new wing open, but there are two Heroic tier unlock items that drop throughout the event.

Glowing Mayan Bones – Drops from Bolon Yokte’ K’uh within the Road to Xibalba on any difficulty and upgrades the Wrath of Aten pedestal to take on Bolon Yokte’ K’uh’s turquoise appearance.

Sacred Soil – Drops from the reward bags of Vestiges of Nameless Days.

For more information on the Museum of the Occult and the thirteenth wing, please see our comprehensive Museum of the Occult Master Guide!

Bag of Season’s Revelry – Winter Holidays 2015

For the 2015 Winter’s Holiday, the new content comprises two event bags: the Sack of Winter Cheer and Bag of Season’s Revelry, which both share the same loot table and can be purchased from the Item Store or rewarded upon completing the Christmas Conspiracy or Feeding Famine with Hunger in the case of the Sack of Winter Cheer.

The Manna of Saint Nicholas – Winter Holidays 2014

The Christmas Conspiracy

This section is undergoing major revisions!

Gather the clues and travel on to Venice to discover a hidden Masonic tomb which holds the remains of Saint Nicholas himself. Solve intricate puzzles using the music from Mozart’s Magic Flute and uncover a dark scheme which must be stopped!

A walkthrough for The Christmas Conspiracy mission can be found here.

Lore Locations

The Manna of Saint Nicholas lore from this year is listed here.


The Manna of Saint Nicholas achievement collection consists of 4 achievements.



Wassailer outfit
* Pieces: Hat, Neck, Coat, Chest, Hand, Feet
* Source: Item Store bags


Wassailer outfit, red (templar)
* Pieces: Hat, Neck, Coat, Chest, Hand, Feet
* Source: Item Store bags


Santa’s Little Helper, green
* Uniform
* Source: Item Store (1200 FC)



Go to Ockham’s Razor (the barbershop) in London to change makeup.

December Glamour
* Sources: Item Store bags


Longest Night
* Sources: Item Store bags


Yule’s Crown
* Sources: Item Store bags


Winter spirit
* Sources: Item Store bags


* Sources: Item Store bags


Snow touched
* Sources: Item Store bags


Mistletoe kiss
* Sources: Item Store bags


Masque of Jack Frost
* Sources: Item Store bags


Krampusnacht – Winter Holidays 2013

This section is undergoing major revisions!


The Krampus Gate has been left open. Krampus himself runs rampant across all Adventure Zones, excluding Kaidan, well after the Krampusnacht.


Krampus can be difficult to spot. He is often found hiding in nooks and crannies off of major roads. When spawning or loading into view, he appears in a poof of snow.

Krampus can drop a variety of items when killed.

Krampus Loot

  • Krampus Rocketx x5
  • Pre-owned tank top, dirty – This is a clothing item that goes straight to your wardrobe.
  • Poorly Wrapped Present – This contains the Secondhand Y-fronts, white or the Secondhand bloomers, white for male and female characters respectively. It goes straight to your wardrobe.
  • Left Sock – A left sock. Combine it with the Right Sock in the Assembly Window.
  • Right Sock – A right sock. Combine it with the Left Sock in the Assembly Window.
  • A Zone Exclusive Drop

Some of the items dropped by Krampus are specific to the zone he is found in.

Zone Exclusive Drops

  • Kingsmouth — Lump of Coal
  • Savage Coast — Dead Yew Branch
  • Blue Mountain — Pouch of Soil
  • Scorched Desert — Wolf Fang
  • City of the Sun God — Foul Whiskey Bottle
  • Besieged Farmlands — Corpse Maggots
  • Shadowy Forest — Severed Hand
  • Carpathian Fangs — Snake Skin

When Krampus is brought to half health, he runs off and then casts Krampus Gate. Krampus Gate opens a Portal to Niflheim. From there, Krampus casts The Sideways Step. Once The Sideways Step is finished casting, Krampus will leave and the portal will close. Kill Krampus before the cast finishes if you wish to enter Niflheim.



This section is undergoing major revision!

Niflheim, one of the Norse underworlds, is a small 5-man dungeon filled with Krampusse along its hallowed halls.

The Krampusse within Niflheim have a small chance to drop any of the zone exclusive drop pieces when killed.

Once all of the Krampusse are killed, the true Krampus will appear. This is a dungeon boss and can not be readily soloed without a proper build or gear.

Krampus in Niflheim has his own loot table.


  • Horns of Krampus — This is the final zone exclusive Krampus drop.
  • Pre-owned tank top, dirty — A dirty tank top. It goes directly into your wardrobe when looted
  • Novelty plastic nose, red — It’s effectively clown nose. Krampus sure loves to joke around. It goes directly into your wardrobe when looted.
  • Left Sock —  A left sock. Combine it with the Right Sock in the Assembly Window.
  • Right Sock —  A right sock. Combine it with the Left Sock in the Assembly Window.
  • Mischievous Tuft — A Museum Piece used to upgrade the Superior Krampus exhibit to Paragon.



This section is undergoing major revision! We will have it right back up for you shortly!

More information about Feeding Hunger with Famine and how to summon Hel within her halls can be found here.

Super Hel – Winter Holidays 2013

Hel herself may be summoned to Midgard as a World Boss, frequently referred to as “Super Hel” due to her enormous size and health. Super Hel requires a raid to kill, and every player who participates in doing so will receive Spoils of Niflheim as well as an achievement.

For information on how to summon and defeat Super Hel, please see our guide for Mother of a Season, the associated side mission, here

Join the channel #event in order to call out or join in on a Super Hel fight!


The End of Days – Winter Holidays 2012


This section is undergoing major revisions!

Originally there was a mission chain consisting of 3 missions, however, the last two missions were removed from the game.

A walkthrough for The End of Something can be found here.

The Road to Xibalba

This section is under major revision!

WARNING: If you queue for Road to Xibalba via the Group Finder, you must leave the dungeon through a Vote to Retreat. Leaving group or taking the portal out will give you the Deserter debuff.

After you have done The End of Something, you can do the Road to Xibalba dungeon.

A walkthrough for The Road to Xibalba can be found here.

Vestiges of Nameless Days

There are 3 world bosses in total. One in the Savage Coast, one in the Scorched Desert and one in the Shadowy Forest.

A guide for the Vestige of New England can be found here.
A guide for the Vestige of Egypt can be found here.
A guide for the Vestige of Transylvania can be found here.

Lore Locations

End of Days lore from 2012 is listed here!


The Ever-Ending days achievement collection consists of 8 achievements.


The quetzal bird for the Resplendent Blues achievement can be found in the southwestern part of the Blue Mountain zone. Refer to the image below for the specific area.



Mayan bonekeeper headdress
* Slot: Hat
* Source: Achievement (The Big Picture)


Santa’s Little Helper, red
* Uniform
* Source: Item Store (1200 FC)


Pet Rewards

The Winter Holidays brings a wide range of pets to earn and enjoy

Arctic Hare

The adorable Arctic Hare is a random rare drop from the Festive Grab Bag and St. Nick’s Rucksack.

Picture coming soon!

Barrel Hound

The Barrel Hound can be found as a random epic drop from the Festive Grab Bag and St. Nick’s Rucksack.

Picture coming soon!

Enruned Quetzal Bird

This Enruned Quetzal Bird is a random rare drop from the Vestige of the Nameless Days in the Shadowy Forest.

Enruned Quetzal Bird Overhead

Enruned Mayan Hatchling

The enigmatic Enruned Mayan Hatchling is a random rare drop from the Vestige of the Nameless Days in the Savage Coast.

Enruned Mayan Hatchling


The Hatchling is no longer obtainable. This little Ak’ab was rewarded to all participants in the 2012 End of Days event. Originally, it was intended as a reward for a contest related to the 2012 iteration of the event, but was instead decided to be given to all players. As such, it is not possible to earn this pet if you had not played during that time.


Harbinger of Rancid Vapours

The horrendous Harbinger of Rancid Vapours is a random rare drop from the Vestige of Nameless Days in the Scorched Desert.

Harbinger of Rancid Vapors 2

Holiday Devil

The pint-sized Holiday Devil is a random rare drop from the (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer and (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry.


Niflheim Tiny

The small Hel, Niflheim Tiny, is a random rare drop from the (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer and (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry.


Quetzal Bird

The Quetzal Bird is no longer available. It was at one time purchasable from special End of Days vendors during the 2012 and 2013 renditions of End of Days; however, the currency required for it, Mayan K’in, was not possible to earn after 2012 outside of leftover Mayan Remains from the 2012 event.

Any remaining Quetzal birds not learnt may be traded or sold, but the supply of this pet is limited and will one day run out.

Quetzal Bird Overhead

Red Cardinal

A beautiful bird, the Red Cardinal is a random uncommon drop from the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights and (2014) Bag of Wassail.

Red Cardinal

Revenant Polar Bear

The rotting Revenant Polar Bear is a random epic drop from the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights and (2014) Bag of Wassail.


Siberian Husky

While the Siberian Husky seems cute and fluffy, this dog is based on the Husky from The Thing and will occasionally burst into a horrific sight of tentacles and death. It is a random epic drop from the (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer and (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry.


Snowy Quetzal Bird

The spirited Snowy Quetzal Bird is a random rare drop from the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights and (2014) Bag of Wassail.

Snowy Quetzal Bird

The Yuletide Wolf

The red-nosed Yuletide Wolf is a random uncommon drop from the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights and (2014) Bag of Wassail.

The Yuletide Wolf

Winter Wisp

The wondrous Winter Wisp is a random rare drop from the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights and (2014) Bag of Wassail.

Winter Wisp

Limited-Time Purchases

Some items are only available for purchase from the Item Store during the Winter Holidays event.

These items are exclusively Item Store Purchases and cannot be traded or found through an Event Bag.

The Item Store also sells Event Bags exclusively during the Winter Holidays. The 2014, 2015, and 2016 Winter Holidays Event Bags are available in single and group size for 240 and 1200 Funcom respectively. See the Event Bag category for further information on them and their contents.

Note: All Funcom Point prices listed are the single character price without any discount. Grandmaster and Member discounts may apply to these items. Account-wide purchases options are available as well.

Figuros Padurii

The festive Figuros Padurii is a pet purchasable for 960 Funcom Points. It has colorful spirits amidst its branches and periodically breaks into dance.

Figuros Padurii

Curl-Toed Slippers

No elf is complete without these curl-toed slippers for 120 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon!

Curl-toed slippers, green

Curl-toed slippers, red

Knee-High Socks, White

These white socks go up to your knees, but as a Feet slot item, cannot actually be worn with shoes. They cost 180 Funcom Points.

Picture coming soon!

Striped Knee-High Socks, Festive

These knee-high socks sport candy-cane stripes and a green heel, toe, and top. They cost 180 Funcom Points.

Picture coming soon!

Knitted Festive Sweater

These sweaters are the stereotypical Christmas sweater, with snowflakes and reindeers all around. Wear a sweater for the season for 360 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon!

Knitted festive sweater, black

Knitted festive sweater, blue

Knitted festive sweater, green

Knitted festive sweater, grey

Knitted festive sweater, red

Knitted Reindeer Sweater

A festive sweater, but with a reindeer smiling on the front. Torment your relatives by wearing this for 360 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon!

Knitted reindeer sweater, blue

Knitted reindeer sweater, green

Knitted reindeer sweater, grey

Knitted reindeer sweater, red

Pajama Onesie

These one-piece adult-sized pajama come in a variety of colors for 240 Funcom points. They take up the Uniform slot.

Pictures coming soon!

Pajama onesie, blue

Pajama onesie, green

Pajama oneside, red

Pajama onesie, white

Plush Antler Headband

Adorn cute plush antlers for 120 Funcom Points.

Plush antler headband, brown

Plush antler headband, red

Santa Hat

This is the ubiquitous Santa Hat. It costs 180 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon!

Santa hat, green

Santa hat, red

Santa’s Little Helper

This is a festive outfit that comes with a hat and uniform piece. It costs 1200 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon! 

Santa’s Little Helper hat

Santa’s Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper, Black

A black recolor of the Santa’s Little Helper outfit, this set takes 1200 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon!

Santa’s Little Helper hat, black

Santa’s Little Helper, black

Santa’s Little Helper, Green

Santa’s Little Helper also comes in green for 1200 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon!

Santa’s Little Helper hat, green

Santa’s Little Helper, green

Woollen Scarf, Festive

A lovely scarf with a reindeer face for your neck for the price of 120 Funcom Points.

Picture coming soon!

Worn Plain Socks

These are socks. Old, worn socks with a hole in the right big toe. Get used socks for 120 Funcom Points.

Pictures coming soon! 

Worn plain socks, black

Worn plain socks, grey

Worn plain socks, white

Event Bags

Each year since 2014, The Secret World has added unique Event Bags for its Winter Holiday events. An event bag has a list of cosmetic rewards that can be traded to other players. A bag can give up to two items per use.

(2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights

The (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights is an Event Bag that will randomly reward two items from its loot table upon opening. It can be purchased either from the Item Store or from the Yuletide Peddler in any Faction Hub. If a (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights was purchased from the Item Store, it will reward 1 Lucky Coin when opened.

(2014) Bag of Wassail

Alongside the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights is the (2014) Bag of Wassail, which can only be purchased from the Item Store. The (2014) Bag of Wassail rewards its goodies to a maximum of 20 nearby players. It shares the same loot as the (2014) Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights, but will also reward 3 Lucky Coins when opened.

This table is being updated! Pictures are coming soon!

  • The Wassailer – Hat, black
  • Revenant Polar Bear pet
  • Snowy Quetzal pet – See here.
  • Winter Wisp pet – See here.
  • The Wassailer – Chest, black
  • The Wassailer – Coat, black
  • The Wassailer – Legs, black
  • The Wassailer – Hat, faction colored
  • Carrot nose 
  • Red Cardinal pet – See here.
  • Yuletide Wolf pet – See here.
  • The Wassailer – Legs, faction colored
  • The Wassailer – Coat, faction colored
  • The Wassailer – Neck, faction colored
  • The Wassailer – Gloves, faction colored
  • The Wassailer – Feet, faction colored
  • The Wassailer – Chest, faction colored
  • The Wassailer – Neck, black
  • The Wassailer – Gloves, black
  • The Wassailer – Feet, black
  • Long woolen scarf, green with red
  • Reindeer antler headband, brown – This item was not available until 2016, despite being listed as available in the bag.
  • Reindeer antler headband, green
  • Reindeer antler headband, pink
  • Reindeer antler headband, purple
  • Reindeer antler headband, red
  • Reindeer antler headband, white
  • Festive scary snowman mask
  • Scary snowman mask
  • Makeup: December Glamour
  • Makeup: Longest Night
  • Makeup: Masque of Jack Frost
  • Makeup: Mistletoe Kiss
  • Makeup: Snow-Touched
  • Makeup: Wassail
  • Makeup: Winter Spirit
  • Makeup: Yule’s Crown
  • Holiday Poppers – These are flares that release snow upon exploding. Despite being a common drop rate, the item itself is rare quality.
  • The Raggedy Tree – Places a raggedy tree on the ground. This is a small, broken tree. It is a poor, pathetic little twig.
  • Little Christmas Tree – Places a much happier, healthier tree on the ground. It’s even decorated.
  • Holly brooch
  • Holly earrings
  • Holly hairpin
  • Mistletoe brooch
  • Mistletoe earrings
  • Mistletoe hairpin


(2015) Sack of Winter Cheer

The (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer is an Event Bag that will randomly reward two items from its loot table upon opening. It can be purchased either from the Item Store or rewarded for completion of The Christmas Conspiracy or Feeding Hunger with Famine. If a (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer was purchased from the Item Store, it will reward 1 Lucky Coin when opened.

(2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry

The (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry comes alongside the (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer and can only be purchased from the Item Store. The (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry rewards its contents to a maximum of 20 nearby players and shares the same loot table as the (2015) Sack of Winter Cheer. The (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry will also reward 3 Lucky Coins to the opener.

Pictures for the remaining items are coming soon!

  • Orochi Hover-Tech Snowboard – See here.
  • Siberian Husky pet – See here.
  • Winter’s Majesty – Cervine headdress – See here.
  • Holiday Devil pet – See here.
  • Niflheim Tiny pet – See here.
  • Winter’s Majesty – Fur-trim overcoat, red – See here.
  • MacReady’s Gear – Fur felt sombrero, tan 
  • MacReady’s Gear – Bomber jacket, dark brown
  • Winter’s Majesty – Fur-lined gloves, red – See here.
  • Winter’s Majesty – Fur-lined boots, red – See here.
  • Winter’s Majesty – Cervine pendant, silver – See here.
  • MacReady’s Gear – Glacier glasses, black
  • MacReady’s Gear – Fleece hoodie, blue
  • Ugly woolen sweater, faction color
  • Ski pants, black
  • Ski pants, blue
  • Ski pants, white
  • Ski jacket, black
  • Ski jacket, blue
  • Ski jacket, white
  • Nightcap, green
  • Nightcap, red
  • Nightcap, white
  • Woolen pom-pom hat, red – See here.
  • Ski boots, black
  • Ski boots, blue
  • Ski boots, white
  • Luminary bag – Places a small luminary bag at your feet. It is just a paper lantern.
  • Presents – Places a small wrapped present at your feet.


(2016) Festive Grab Bag

The Festive Grab Bag is an Event Bag that will randomly reward  two items from its loot table when used. It can be purchased from the Item Store and from the Yuletide Peddler found in any Faction Hub for either Pax Romana or Black Bullion. If a Festive Grab Bag was purchased from the Item Store, it will reward 1 Lucky Coin when opened.

(2016) St. Nick’s Rucksack

The St. Nick’s Rucksack is the group counterpart to the Festive Grab Bag and can only be purchased from the Item Store. It bestows its contents on to up to a maximum of 20 players and shares the same loot table as the Festive Grab Bag. St. Nick’s Rucksack rewards 3 Lucky Coins to its opener.

The 2016 Event Bag list is will continually be updated! Pictures are coming soon!

  • Flightless Reindeer mount – See here.
  • Penguin onesie
  • Barrel Hound pet
  • Domesticated Moose mount
  • Frosty Trail sprint
  • Arctic Hare pet
  • Mountie – Campaign hat
  • Mountie – Red Serge jacket
  • Plastic Elf ears
  • Mistletoe circlet
  • Fur-lined anorak, grey
  • Circular fur cap, grey
  • Kamik, grey
  • Double lined fur trousers, grey
  • Mountie – Strathcona boots
  • Mountie – Breeches
  • Hooded down parka, black
  • Hooded down parka, blue
  • Hooded down parka, green
  • Hooded down parka, red
  • Hooded down parka, white
  • Elfin tunic, green
  • Elfin tunic, red
  • Elfin tunic, teal
  • Elfin cap, green
  • Elfin cap, red
  • Elfin cap, teal
  • Elfin leggings, green
  • Elfin leggings, red
  • Elfin leggings, teal
  • Crochet mohawk beanie, blue
  • Crochet mohawk beanie, brown
  • Crochet mohawk beanie, green
  • Crochet mohawk beanie, grey
  • Crochet mohawk beanie, purple
  • Crochet mohawk beanie, red
  • Winter boot, blue
  • Winter boot, brown
  • Winter boot, grey
  • Winter boot, pink
  • Winter boot, tan
  • Snow Blower – Places a snow blower at your feet. It aggressively blows snow.
  • Pile of Snowballs – Places a pile of snowballs on the ground to initiate a Snowball Fight mini-game. This item is labeled as Common in the Item Store’s list, but is in fact of Rare quality.


No holiday is complete without achievements. Winter Holidays has achievements for every year.

Ever-Ending Days — Winter Holidays 2012

The following achievements are associated with the Winter Holidays 2012 event.

The Big Picture
Complete all Ever-Ending Days achievements. Doing so will reward the Mayan bonekeeper headdress.
Quetzal Catcher
Fill out all lore entries in the End of Days section. Collecting all lore rewards the Albion Theatre: Mayan Bundle for use on stage in the Albion.
Echoes of the Mayan Prophecy
Complete all Ever-Ending Days seasonal missions.
Ghosts of Ages Past
Kill all 3 Vestiges of the Nameless Days. These world bosses can be found in the Savage Coast, Scorched Desert, and Shadowy Forest. Killing all three will get you the title: Harbinger of Nameless Days.
Resplendent Blues
Find and get near the resplendent wisdom bird flying around Blue Mountain. The Resplendent Quetzal was previously an escort for the side mission Resplendent Wisdom, which was only possible to complete during the End of Days event of 2012. Despite this, the achievement can still be completed and the bird still wanders the Mountain.
Busted Bones
Kill Bolon Yokte’ K’uh while critically impaired by Skull Collector. 10 stacks of Skull Collector are necessary for this achievement.
Down for the Count
Kill Bolon Yokte’ K’uh at his full strength. This is what is considered Nightmare difficulty, which can be activated by interacting with the altar in the beginning of the Road to Xibalba.
Unidentified Flying Objective
Get the Quetzal to help you during the Bolon Yokte’ K’uh fight. Heal the Quetzal to full health to get its aid.

Krampusnacht — Winter Holidays 2013

The following achievements are associated with the Winter Holidays 2013 event.

Lord of Misrule
Collect the following achievements in the Krampusnacht Section: Naughty and Nice, Master of Weird Winter Mythos, When She Freezes Over, Go to Mother!
Completing this meta achievement rewards the knitted reindeer sweater, black.
Naughty and Nice
Slay the holiday devil himself, Krampus.
When She Freezes Over
Enact a ritual using the objects dropped by Krampus and overcome the dire consequences. Summon Hel within Niflheim.
Master of Weird Winter Mythos
Collect all lore entries in the Krampusnacht section.
King of Fools
Defeat the Lord of Misrule in PVP. This rewards the title: Lord of Misrule.
The Two-Faced Mother
Defeat Krampus’ mother without avoiding her stacking debuff.
Go to Mother!
Defeat the true incarnation of Krampus’ mother. Defeat what is colloquially referred to as “Super Hel”. For how to summon Super Hel, please see our guide on the associated mission, Mother of a Season.

The Manna of Saint Nicholas — Winter Holidays 2014

The following achievements are associated with the Winter Holidays 2014 event.

Go Wassailing!
Use the (2014) Bag of Wassail on at least ten players at once. This will award the emote /dance_single_ladies.
The Reliquary of Old Saint Nick
Complete the mission, “The Christmas Conspiracy.”
Rebuke the Flames
Complete the Trial of Fire, in the mission “The Christmas Conspiracy,” without taking any damage.
Gather ‘Round the Christmas Cadaver
Collect all lore entries in “The Manna of Saint Nicholas” category.

Winter Holidays 2015

The following achievement is associated with the Winter Holidays 2015 event.

Domo Arigato
Gain the Robot dance by sharing the (2015) Bag of Season’s Revelry with at least 10 people. 

Winter Holidays 2016

The following achievements are associated with the Winter Holidays 2016 event.

Special Snowflake
Pick up snowballs from a Pile of Snowballs and participate in a Snowball fight. Participation gives the title: Special Snowflake.
Chill Out
Throw a Snowball at a player of each faction.
Stay Frosty
Complete a snowball fight with a score of at least 75. A score of 75 or higher rewards the persistent item Emote: Snowball.
Snowball’s Chance in Hel
Throw a Snowball at Hel in Niflheim while she is channeling light and dark.
Snow Day
Use St. Nick’s Rucksack on at least ten players at once. This rewards the emote /dance_hiphop.


Winter Holidays have lore for the taking. All Winter Holiday lore lists are given below. Winter Holiday lore is seasonal and can only be found during the Winter Holiday events.

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  • CultOfXtc

    WiP – lazy… lol

    • Vikestart

      I’ve been working on documenting the new mission and it’s quite long, that’s why xD

      • CultOfXtc

        Of course… you’re awesome. :D /sorry was sarcasm

  • parador

    As usual Vikestart, awesome guide and ridiculously quick on getting it up. Also thanks for the Winter Holiday script. Very useful!

    If you get time, you might wish to add Snowy Quetzal and Revenant Polar Bear to pets that drop from gift bags.

    There is also an Enruned Quetzal Bird that drops of the Shadowy Forest Vestige of Nameless Days.

    If you should need screencaps of the aforementioned pets, feel free to give me a holler in-game and I can summon for you to screenshot.

    • Vikestart

      Thanks! :) Both me and Nordavind have worked hard to get this out quick, considering we had to make everything from scratch.

      I’ll go ingame now and fetch images of the pets you mentioned :)

  • parador

    One more small correction: All 3 Wassailer outfits have a neck component.

    -yer annoying editor pal

    • parador

      And if ya get really bored, there are a list of eight or so items that can only be acquired from killing SuperHel repeatedly (culminates in the Horns of Krampus, and then Horns of Hel).

  • Littleskull

    You all do a great job with the guides and the walkthroughs… any chance we can get a walkthrough on the Hel Niflheim Dungeon?