The Meowling

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Kingsmouth Town Madame Rogêt (290,335)
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This mission can be received initially by listening to the call from Madame Rogêt all players receive upon logging in during Samhain. The Meowling can also be picked up at Madame Rogêt herself in Kingsmouth, while a one-time breadcrumb version of The Meowling is available at the Paragon Activity Boards in Agartha. This mission is repeatable.

You must be at least Level 30 and have unlocked the Blue Mountain through Dawning of an Endless Night to receive this mission.

Madame Rogêt

I've got a cat problem. Can I call you?

Madame Rogêt

"Hey, you may not remember me. Um, Kingsmouth. Crystal Ball. Fake Accent."


"Yeah, so, anyway, not just calling to say hi."

"Although, hi!"

"So, um, it started with Andy, then me, then all these, these kittens..."

"I know, it sounds weird on the phone, right? Look, I wouldn't call because of some missing cats."

"I mean, yes, my cats ARE missing. But...others are screaming."

"Rising. Clawing in our heads."

"I actually miss the ravens."

Tier 1

Objective: Meet with Madame Rogêt

Make way to the Raven's Knock in Kingsmouth. Entering the basement (285,325) will cause a cutscene to immediately trigger.

Tier 2

Objective: Inpect the photo of Andy's kittens

Objective: Inspect the collar of one of Madame Rogêt's cats

The photo is on the table with Madame Rogêt.

The collar is also on the table for inspection.

Objective: Speak to Andy about his cats

Go to Deputy Andy atop the roof of the Kingsmouth Police Station (200,330) and access his Dialogue. Click on 'Kittens' to hear about his precious kittens. Talk to him twice to hear the full sorrowful story.

Deputy Andy

"Moose says it's best to talk things out. So here I am. Talking."

"Mom bought the kittens and Dad drowned 'em. That's the facts of it."

"I don't like speculating much. That's one step away from guessing, and Sheriff, she taught me not to guess."

Deputy Andy

"Mom's version was that Dad loved things too much."

"Got a bit crazy sometimes. Hugged real hard."

"Didn't always wanna let go."

"The morning he stuffed 'em in a bag and took 'em out to sea, he was full of too much feelings."

"Didn't know what to do with them."

"He took 'em down to Journey's End, out behind the bed and breakfast."

Objective Find and destroy whatever is haunting Andy

Find the source of Andy's feline fright.

Follow Andy's story and listen closely.

The poor kittens were drowned.

Andy's father drowned Ponch, Dolly, and Friday behind Jack & Wendy's Bed & Breakfast on Journey's End.

Ponch, Dolly, and Friday rise from the waves to attack (705,420) behind the Bed & Breakfast.

Objective: Kill Ponch

Objective: Kill Dolly

Objective: Kill Friday

Kill the poor things and end both their suffering and Andy's.

Samhain 2017 #5 sits on the nearby rowboat (705,420).

Tier 3

Objective: Find the group of thirteen cats on Solomon Island

Madame Rogêt

"“The thirteen are tied by their tongues.” I keep hearing those words. Can you do anything with that?"

Find the thirteen cats that Madame Rogêt called about.

Thirteen cats have been tongue-tied.

Luckily, there is just the place to find copious amounts of cats.

Head over to Mrs. Franklin’s lonely abode (855,310).

Tier 4

Objective: Search the mansion ground for the rest of the thirteen

Another call from Madame Rogêt.

Madame Rogêt

"I always kept them outside. They did... cat things - rummaging, scratching, digging up flowers."

"They never bothered anyone. Certainly didn't bother me."

"Now...I see them digging things up, but it's not flowers."

"It's definitely not flowers."

Find the cats and what they're digging up.

The rest of the cats are outdoor cats. Not all of the thirteen are in the mansion.

The cats are digging something up that horrifies Madame Rogêt.

The rest of the cats can be seen clawing at the Devore Crypt (860,220) where they dig the deceased.

Samhain 2017 #2 can be found with the rest of the thirteen cats (855,210).

Objective: Enter the Devore Crypt

Try and enter the Devore Crypt

It's locked.

Objective: Search the mansion for a clue to the location of the crypt key

Alas, the Crypt requires a key. Head inside the lavish home to begin the search.

The Crypt belongs to prior owners of the Franklin Mansion.

A forgotten book can be found on a crate in the attic just waiting to be read (865,290).

Objective: Find the Devore Crypt key's hidden location

Madame Roget makes another call as soon as the book is read. She really must be psychic.

Madame Rogêt

"Elena Zhelikovsky paved the way in this town for my line of work."

"I used to tell people I was her granddaughter."

"Whatever sells the magic snowglobes, right?"

"Her spirit’s always been real chatty…maybe she knows something we don’t."

Find the location of the key.

Rememeber the blueprint.

“The Seven Sisters keep her safe, now and in the year of her death.”

The Seven Sisters are the Pleiades. It just so happens that Eleanor Franklin has a painting of the Pleiades upstairs (855,285).

Using it will prompt a keypad. A code is necessary.

Elena Zhelikovsky is mentioned in the Franklin Mansion Legend #7.

The code is '1957', the year of her death.

Objective: Pick up the Devore Crypt key

Take it. It certainly won't be kept safe laying around.

Objective: Explore the Devore Crypt

Return to the crypt enter its hollowed halls.

Once inside, a vicious feline foe named Incognito will strike.

He dashes off at his defeat.

Objective: Investigate the crypt and the knowledge left behind

Around the crypt are various books and tomes of forgotten lore and knowledge.

Samhain 2017 #2 has a second location: the heart of the Crypt.

The sad spirit appears to be reading one in particular with great interest.

Read it.

Tier 5

Objective: Find "Annapurna"

Find the location known only as Annapurna as mentioned in the tome.

The margin of the spellbook mentions Annapurna, the supplier, requires a trip to Europe.

There are only a few possible locations within Europe that might have a supplier.

Another book in the Crypt depicted Stonehenge.

Annapurna is a shop in Ealdwic, London (150,150). It’s time to cross the sea.

Enter the shop.

Objective: Find more information on "Siabhra's Air"

Find more information within the shop about the elusive Siabhra's Air.

There’s a lovely computer waiting to be used on the counter and not a single employee to deny its use.

Unfortunately for the aspiring hacker, it requires a password.

Hint: Best olives EVER!

Perhaps they’re a pinch proud. Look around the store.


This will bring you to a menu screen with only two choices: Supplies and Blends.

Siabhra's Air is not a supplier.

Go to 2) -- Blends -- and then 5) -- Siabhra's Air -- to learn more about it.

Objective: Locate the first ingredient

Objective: Locate the second ingredient

Objective: Locate the third ingredient

Locate the ingredient necessary to create Siabhra's Air for yourself.

Possible ingredients to choose from can be found on the Suppliers menu.

Selecting an ingredient on the Supplier menu will display suppliers and sources the shop gets the reagent from.

The First Ingredient

Freshly picked seeds chewed to destroy fair Boadicea

Boadicea was the Warrior-Queen of the Iceni who led rebellion against Roman rule.

After her final and crushing defeat against the Romans, Boadicea is said to have either died or committed suicide by poison.

Roman soldiers are said to have chewed fennel while marching for its immense efficacy for appetite control, as well as the belief that it instills courage. Fennel allowed the Romans to persist and destroy Boadicea.

The computer says that while the original supplier was a Marya soldier in Egypt, they aren't responding to any calls and Annapurna can't go to Egypt directly to get it. Instead, fennel has been planted in 'The Backyard' below the railway.

A small sample of Pharoah's Fennel can be found growing in a corner in the back of Ealdwic Park against the railway bridge above (130,315).

The Second Ingredient

Capon's Tail

Capon’s Tail is another name for Valerian.

According to the supplier list, the shop used to get their Valerian from a fellow in Bucharest, who in turn got his supply from Siren’s Lake; however, resupply from the source has gotten so slow that a small stash of Valerian is kept behind the counter.

On the shelf the counter is a small Stash of Siren's Lake Valerian nestled between some bananas. Please note that at this time, there is no interaction outline for the Stash of Siren's Lake Valerian.

The Third Ingredient

The maiden’s watcher of the road

Chicory is called is sometimes called the Watcher of the Road from its German name, Wegwarte. It is named after a folktale.

The House of Chalk supplies chicory, so it can easily be purchased across the street (130,160). Mambo sells Root of Chicory for the low price of 500 Anima Shards.

Samhain 2017 #1 sits against a table in the same location as the Third Ingredient (130,155).

Tier 6

Objective: Locate the ritual site

Find the site just right for sorting out this sordid affair.

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to combine the ingredients before locating the ritual site, or the mission will become broken and require GM assistance in order to advance any farther. Be careful!

Remember the old spellbook.

The spellbook has two locations scribbled in red in the margin: Vinterskog Woods and Wispwood.

The spellbook mentions the presence of sidhe mounds in the ancient woods.

By far the older of the two Woods is the Vinterskog Woods. Wispwood is only the way it is because of recent events: Jack of the Lantern.

Go to the Vinterskog Woods in the Savage Coast. In the midst of the mound that makes up the Wood's middle is a cat clawing at a stone bowl (125,600).

Objective: Place the materials in the stone bowl and rend the veil

Now it is time to make Siabhra's Air.

Use the stone bowl. Complete the ritual. Rend the veil.

WARNING: Some Dimensions are currently bugged. The portal at the end of The Meowling and beginning of The Cat God won't appear in a glitched Dimension. If necessary, you will need to 'Meet Up' on another player with a working Dimension.

The Meowling rewards a Bag of Tricks and Treats and, for First Time Completion, a Sterling Wildcat.

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