Izzy Bearstein

Izzy Bearstein

Quality: Superior
Source: Complete the achievement, "The Bear Mystery" by finding Izzy Bearstein during the Valentine's Day Event. To find him, go to Room 2 of the Tabula Rasa and use the /cry emote on the bed. This will cause hearts to appear on a pillow as Izzy Bearstein materializes on it, granting "The Bear Mystery" and thus this pet. An Access Key - Secundus is necessary in order to enter Room 2 within the Tabula Rasa and can be purchased from the Tabula Rasa Concierge for 50 Anima Shards.

Izzy Bearstein will send his love to a nearby Pet. When this occurs, hearts will appear over Izzy's head and a stream of hearts will go from Izzy to their matched love, who then will have hearts above their head as well. This visual is the same as the SOULMATE match from the Rosenbrawl's SOULMATE Arcade Cabinet during the Rosenbrawl Open Week.

Two is less lonely than one.
This Pet cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

Isabel claims this little fella is capable of only 1 type of magic: love. Also driving her ex's insane while they sleep. But mostly love.

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